Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Chennai Chronicles Part II - When Everything Goes to Hell

  • What do you do when the nicest person in your life is not a person at all, but your laptop's Operating System that tells you that your wish is literally their command, and no, you don't even have to type anything, if you just tell her to send a text from the laptop, she will.
  • It is probably peak loneliness, when seeing a mother-daughter enjoy their evening snack at the roadside eatery can make a lump appear in your throat. 
  • Of course you still fight with your own mother over the phone. And don't attend her calls later because she has the knack of saying things you don't want to hear.
  • There is nothing that will rid you of your tea addiction faster than having to boil the milk to make it.
  • Performance pressure is when the office boy is standing over your head to take your lunch order and the only thing you can think of is idli-sambar from Saravana Bhawan.
  • Remember forever that your mom and your sister are a tag team. Never tell one what you don't want the other to hear.
  • ''Anna'' comes naturally now.
  • I'm still hugely embarrassed about using any Tamil.
  • Auto-wallahs of Chennai are certifiably worse than auto-wallahs of Delhi.
  • No amount of moonlit beaches can compensate for the lack of company of people who care about you. Specially because the moonlit beach is far off and the city is alarmingly desolate as early as eight.
  • I could summon enough fucks to go to the Bengali restaurant only once after my parents left. Now I have found a roadside stall on my way home that claims to sell Kolkata rolls. Maybe I will throw Bangla at the seller tomorrow.
  • I can't believe that a month back I cared about gol-gappas enough to write about them.
  • I stopped using the bus because I moved closer to my workplace. The share auto drivers are almost as terrible as the regular auto-wallahs.
  • Nothing in Chennai feels like home. Specially not my place of residence.
  • Life is like a box of Bertie's all flavoured beans that have been rigged so around 95% of them taste like boogers.