Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Born to Whine

Whining is cathartic.
Nothing matches the relief of vocalising your complaints about your life to someone. The listener should :

  • Know you well enough to know that you whine. A lot. About everything. And nothing.
  • Take you seriously enough to know that your complaints are genuine.
  • Not take you seriously enough to start worrying about your future.
  • Not be a parent.
  • Not be a smug, content-with-life type.
  • Preferably draw parallels between his/ her life and yours, letting you know that life is a b***h in general.

The problem with being a whiner is, that you aren't sure whether you are truly unhappy or if you are just whining out of habit. And you will probably never have the courage to do anything but the conventional. Because what if you risk everything for the unconventional and still want to whine?

PS: When I say you...
PPS: I meant bitch when I wrote b***h. The blog will not become subject to mental filters.


  1. When you find the perfect person to whine to, you've found your soulmate. :)

    1. By that logic I have more than one.

    2. Haha. You can have more than one. No harm done. :D