Sunday, 16 February 2014

You Know You're Growing Up When^...

·         You have insurance.

·         You use the insurance premium to save taxes.

·         Rebellion means watching television beyond 11 pm on a weeknight. And then feeling guilty about it the morning-after.

·         You exhibit withdrawal symptoms after skipping the morning cuppa.

·         You understand that job satisfaction is not the abstraction that social workers have, and investment bankers don't.
The social workers don't have it either.

·         You are comfortable being called a nerd. Or any other label you may have dreaded during your school-days.

·         You frequently have trouble recalling the names of actors/ Big Boss participants/ regular panellists on We the People/ News-hour/ Big Fight.

“What's the name of the hero in that Parineeti Chopra movie?”
-“Dhruv something, no Varun-something, arrey the tall guy in the Karan Johar movie with overgrown school-kids.”

·         The only bit of gossip you have heard through the week is that of the corruption charges on a business tycoon and a Minister being true.

·         You are alone in the elevator with a CCTV camera and you resist making faces into it.

·         Your mother hints vaguely at "settling down" when you share your rambling, long-winded, career plans with her.

·         You tip the waiter.

^Didn't she say she wasn't doing these bullet-point posts anymore?
*Deafening silence* 


  1. Wow! so finally I knw age is jst a number fr me.(jst a sophisticated way of saying I can never grow up...)

    1. I was trying to write a witty reply. But I am too tired. Bedtime's approaching

  2. What about greying hair ? :p :D. It would be better to refer to it as attainment of experience/maturity or wisdom (least likely) :P lol.

    1. I think I am going to kill Shiny.

      Murderous rage-definitely not a sign of wisdom/ maturity.