Thursday, 24 April 2014

Countdown to Blog B'day-Day 3

Since it's my blog's second birthday this week (26 April 2014), I have decided to blog every day up to it. However short. However frivolous (which of course goes without saying).

Read about Day 4Day 5 and Day 6 here.

This is probably cheating.
But don't tell me you would rather read a hastily written post than feast your eyes on these:

Because every trip begins at the airport

View from Paro, the city with the airport, Bhutan

Is it possible for a country to be unhappy if this is what it looks like?

Gate to the cafetaria, Tiger's Nest

Even the tramps have THE life here
Budhha Statue: Look at the trees for some perspective
The view of the Tiger's Nest monastery from the Cafetaria

This could be an Airtel ad

Have some more beauty

Photo Credit: Mehul Gupta

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