Thursday, 25 August 2016


  • Does Janmashtami mean anything to anyone anymore besides dp changes and inspirational Watsapp forwards?
  • My colony, which has a surfeit of little children on other days, had a grand total of one tiny jhanki made by a little girl, right outside the gate to her home.
  • People outside my colony were more enthusiastic. One group of people had hired trucks to ferry children screaming devotional slogans, in turn drowned by devotional music blaring out of speakers. There was also a chariot with two children dressed as Radha-Krishna. (I have a feeling that both of them were girls). And of course they blocked traffic.
  • As is my yearly ritual on this day, I pined for my childhood when my friends (and enemies) and I, struck the right balance between religious fervour and maintaining public decorum.
  • I don't think I celebrate any festival anymore. I have always hated Diwali, have lacked the safe space to play Holi for many years now, Janmashtami ended with my Board year (as far as I remember), Christmas and New Years were/ are generally followed by exams, I have no taste for sewai, or Kumar Sanu-Alka Yagnik Bollywood Nights and Durga Puja has become this thing where I mark mandatory attendance every year, to promptly avoid other Bengalis my age by staring at my phone.
  • I would also like to open up about how I mark the three national holidays but am really afraid I will be called anti-national, so I will refrain.
  • I would have called this post something festive had I not wanted to add a few other pointless observations and conclusions about random things.
  • People should marry much younger people. Then these much younger spouses are in a better position to tend to you in your sickness than spouses who are closer to you in age. Of course, not everyone can marry people much younger to them. But since the readership of this blog is rather limited, you are in luck.
  • People should have children late in life. Then when they are old and sick, they can have relatively young, fit people to tend to them.
  • I think I am as grown up now, as I am likely to ever be. All the floundering, indecisive adults around me make me feel so.

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