Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy Days Part 3

New Years project to post one happy/ funny thought a day

Yeah, I skipped out on posting. But I like to think that I kept my resolution since I at least registered a happy thought every day, just didn't make the time to post it here. So here is a list of happy thoughts I remember having over the past few days-
  • I pulled other people (well, one other person) on to the deck of HMS Dramione.
  • I love Agar main kahu from Lakshya, even as I barely have any recollection of the movie itself, except of course Preity Zinta's hair and Hrithik Roshan's doped expression. It is a gentle, good-natured joke on Bollywood love songs and their tired cliches, even while sticking to the time honoured format of a lip-syncing hero-heroine traipsing among ruins. Also I am a sucker for ruins.
  • I have realised I take failure in my stride now.Though I am not sure if this a very happy thought.
  • The Sri Ram Centre canteen has re-opened. Or it always was open, but I was choosing the wrong times to visit it. In any case, that jinx is broken.
  • Episode 2 of Sherlock Season 4 is excellent. I am still not sure I want to re-watch it obsessively, the way I did with the first two seasons. But that may be a function of my current age and current obsession (Refer to point about HMS Dramione), than the quality of the episode.
  • I no longer like Koffee with Karan or have any appreciation for any Bollywood gossip. This has to be a sign of growing up, right?

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