Monday, 25 December 2017

Of News and Other Stuff S02 E05

  • I can't seem to lie to younger people about the supposed lameness of the work they (we) do. Which must be a problem if I want to rise up the ladder. So much of our work depends on morale after all, and inspiring people to carry on with the necessary drudgery.
  • I am sick and tired of the development sector positing women's empowerment as necessary to advance overall development goals. Increase women's participation in the workforce for greater economic growth. Provide women with nutrition/ education because feeding/ educating the woman means feeding/ educating the entire family. Play on the family's overarching concern about the women's izzat to further sanitation goals. Gender equality is important because it's a 'smart development strategy' (World Bank Gender Strategy, 2016-23). It's annoying that the welfare of half of the world's population only matters to the extent that it benefits 'everyone'. And by everyone, I definitely mean men.
  • There is an actual World Bank guidance note that puts it out there that construction workers are young males and labour influx on account of new investment projects can lead to inappropriate and criminal behaviour from these men against local women and girls. See here. There does not seem to be any associated evidence given in favour of such a position.
  • There is an Indian task fulfillment app called Dunzo, and is currently being supported by Google to raise funding. I am proud that a presumably lazy person with a love for Parks and Rec is doing so well. 

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