Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Reasons to love Delhi (again)

This is a Work-in-Progress list that will get updated as and when yours truly has a moment of doting fondness for the city where, among other things, she was born, brought up and groped.

  • The pink coloured vikram that has 'Dekh mat pagli, pyar ho jayega' as its bumper sticker.
  • The stories I have already eavesdropped on, with three days of stepping out - one of them was to do with someone trying to remember their past life while being 'hypnotised'.
  • The campus. The iced tea. The coffee sprinkled with cocoa powder.
  • Trying to park in a clearly demarcated no-parking zone, being told not to by the security guard even though other cars are also flouting the rule because in his words, they belong to the Judge sahab and CEO sahab.
  • The possibility of having an office space in the Statesman House. However remote.
  • The scribbling on the newly white-washed walls of CP, advertising for 'Tel Maalish'.
  • The fares demanded by auto-wallahs, that now seem reasonable to a person who thinks of herself as partially belonging to the land of the worst auto drivers.
  • The conversations between Very Fancy People at restaurants located in Important Cultural Hubs about National Events of Importance that sound like gossip about friends, relatives and acquaintances.
  • The Delhi metro and the city's unrelenting attitude of 'Have space, will use it'. Even a hitherto nondescript metro station (INA) can, over a year, when you didn't check in, be transformed into an important interchange. Or be used as a commercial space with mushrooming offices and co-working spaces.
  • The feeling of being 'settled in' when a 40 minute metro ride starts looking like a short commute again.

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