Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Resolutions 2014

  • I will not obsess about Sherlock.
  • I will greet acquaintances who I stumble upon in public places. (Instead of burying my face in the newspapers to avoid awkward conversations.)
  • I will stop annoying people (only especially those I like) by saying things I know they won't like. 
  • My bookshelf, blog and mindspace will not be dominated by Agatha Christie. Or Sherlock.
  • I will crib less.
  • I will write lengthier, more creative blog-posts, even if they are less regular. (No more bullet point posts formulated in the cab, and typed out in half an hour).
  • I will be more regular with the guitar.
  • I will stop pretending that the Delhi Times is a real newspaper.

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