Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Musings in March

Being newly unemployed is weird. You keep feeling guilty about not checking your mails over the weekend and then realise there are no mails to check. And that it isn't the weekend.

There is also a Pavlovian response to the clock striking 12:30-immense hunger pangs.

Working, however dead-endish the job may be, is better than being cooped up in a tiny flat with family.

I bought a personal laptop. It's HP and red. For supercilious geeks, it is equipped with intel i3 processor, has a 4 GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive. And beats audio, which I am told makes no difference. Did I tell you it was red?

A new laptop does not mean that your internet will suck less.

Maybe a slow internet is a blessing in disguise. Instead of link hopping, I can now concentrate on non World Wide Web related blogging mindlessly from my phone.

If Benedict Cumberbatch had not bitched about season 2 of Downton Abbey he could have been on it. As Mary's posh, repartee prone suitor. Because let's face it, Mathew was a bore.

Can the Windows Network Diagnostics ever trouble shoot a problem?

Kolkata is a bore till the time you resist the gossip. Once sucked into that whirlpool, it can be mild fun.

For a land of economists (and otherwise), Kolkata does poorly in terms of efficient utilisation of space. Men keep standing in buses while rows of 'ladies' seats' lie empty.

What is it with strangers trying to strike up conversations everywhere?

Consulting is not a profession. It's a way of life.

Now that the AAP is back to its stupid ways, all my gloating has gone in vain.

When my grandfather is angry (which is all the time), he resembles Amitabh Bachchan. A thin spindly, balding Amitabh Bachchan.

Laziness trumps Kolkata's claims to being the cultural conscience keeper of the country. The neighbourhood library opens according to the whims of the librarian-sometimes at 12, sometimes at 12:30. The scheduled time is 11 am.

Somehow old people don't understand your need of getting away from home. On a daily basis.
Neither do a lot of young people for that matter.

It may be the belated onset of adolescence speaking but the buddy buddy school of parenting should be done away with.

How can shared autos be a valid mode of transport in a metropolis?

In the Mahabharata, the marriage of Draupadi to the Pandavas comes through because Kunti, not knowing what her sons had got home, told all five of them to share it. And once given, her order cannot be violated. Why? Is it because she is a mother and the Mahabharata was meant to indoctrinate people into being obedient? Or was it meant to serve as a lesson to stupid people who took orders unquestioningly?

The old NCERT history books are as dry and didactic as all the other books I read through my school life. The new NCERT history books seem intent on proving that nobody knows anything for sure.
As important a lesson as any.

A cousin called Rabindranath Tagore the Bappi Lahiri of his times. My mom clutched at her bosom in shock and  disbelief.

My own mother lives in a sexist bubble, the inhabitants of which believe that a woman's bad mood means she is PMSing.

Alliterative titles are fun.


  1. Embrace the unemployment Dk. It's away of life (which most entitled brats playing an essential yet absentee role in family business won't tell you)

    1. In the long term even a dead end job is better than being at home all day. In the short term, it is tolerable.

    2. And now we have even better perspective on this topic.