Tuesday, 28 November 2017

News and other Stuff S02 E04

The universally disliked role model? Yup, total bitch.
Still want to be like her though.

The government has asked TV channels to not show condom ads because they are apparently indecent and can lead to...'unhealthy practices' among children. Like safe sex?

When do upper caste people realise their privilege? Does it happen when their national dailies announce that courts are still handing out death sentences to people still killing their son in laws for being dalit and falling in love with girls who are not Dalit?

I have no idea what is happening on Padmavati. But you can't be hopeful when a sitting CM says that a film is not worth the trouble if it hurts the sentiments of a caste.
The only thing that surprises me in this case is my continued flare up of anger at this attitude towards freedom of expression. It also kind of ensures I will watch the movie, bad trailer or not.

Our policy making is now being influenced by private/religious foundations with the NITI Aayog pursuing Sadhguru's agenda of river revival. Which in this case seems inoffensive, even as the precedent may be worrying.

I was reading through what I thought was the Hindu, but was almost taken aback by the editorialising (and the terrible writing style). Of course, that's when I bothered to look at the masthead. What else, but the Times of India?

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